TiC: Venues: Pakhus 11 (Warehouse 11)  
Pakhus 11 used to be the prime venue for raves in Cph. It was first being used for a rave back in February 1994, and throughout almost four years, it was a great venue where you frequently could find all sorts of raves. Unfortunately, the authorities started to hassle the place during the autumn of 1997, and everyone began feeling slightly annoyed with the way things were out there. Also, Amager Bio began to be more and more popular and took over the role that Pakhus 11 had, so the end result was that it became completely deserted. A big shame.
Dampfærgevej 2
2100 Cph Ø
phone 35 43 81 18
fax 35 43 81 19
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