TiC: Venues: Amager Bio (Amager Movie Theatre)  
Dating from 1939, this was originally a movie theatre that pleased the residents of Amager throughout 3 decades, but things went downhill during the mid 70's. In 1986, it was sold to a major corporation (Danes will recognize Dansk Supermarked) which had planned to open a discount supermarket in the proud old building. A local uproar erupted because of this, and the place became the focus for heated political discussions, which lasted for years. After being abandoned for some years, an initiative to use the building for cultural activities was established, and after being completely redesigned, it opened its doors to the public again in early 1997. This time as a modern concert venue with all sorts of features.

Naturally, a few raves have taken place there - in fact, it seems as if Amager Bio has taken over the role that Pakhus 11 has had for years. It's certainly not a bad place, but it has little to do with the underground and I find the frisking at the entrance, the smooth bartenders, and the steep prices rather annoying. However, the actual venue is pretty cool, and it sure is quite an experience to stand up on the balcony and overlook the sea of ravers below. Capacity is around 1,500.

Øresundsvej 6
2300 Cph S
phone 32 86 02 00

thanks to Maya Connection for the photo

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