TiC: Flyers: 1997  
January & FebKlub Vegafront
January 11Invasion of the Bass Snatchersfrontback
January 31Flashbackfrontback
February, March & AprilKlub Vegafront
February 6Kundalinifrontback
February 7Acid Movesfront
February 8A Gabber Nightfront
February 8GenderBlenderfront
February 14Spirit Facefront
March 1The 3rd Renaissancefrontback
March 21Hokus Pokusfront
March 29Brainwashfrontback
March 30Phuelfrontback
April & MayKlub Vegafront
April 4A Scandinavia Records Nightfrontback
April 5Spring Breakfront
April 12A Flying Rhino Records Nightfrontback
April 19Elektronischer Festfront
May & JuneKlub Vegafrontback
May 4Rotundum Techno Eventfront
May 10Cosmic Contactfrontback
May 23Automatofront
May 28Blue Starfront
May 31303frontback
May 31Acid Moves 2front
May 31Pleasure O.D.front
June 14Utopiafrontback
JulyKlub Vegafrontback
August 2A Xochi Records Release Partyfrontback
August 4Howie Bfront
August 16Altered Groovesfront
August 16Park Lifefrontback
August 16Shaolin Buddha Pantersfrontback
August 29Jungle Feverfront
September 4Free Tibetfront
September 5Jungle Experiencefront
September 6A Psy-Harmonics Label Nightfrontback
September 6Klub Robotfrontback
September 13Quick Releasefront
September 13Elementfront
September 13Jungle Feverfront
September 20Voks Myctophob Pop Showfront
September 20A Shiraz Partyfrontback
September 26Deutsche Clubfront
September 27Life on Marsfront
October 3Jungle Experiencefront
October 4Cosmic Conspiracy Support Partyfrontback
October 10Spin-outfrontback
October 11April Club 1front
October 11Genulabfront
October 11Jungle Feverfront
October 11A Matsuri Productions Label Nightfrontback
October 17Vitamin Gfront
October 18Muted Styles 1.3Rfrontback
November 1A Spirit Zone Label Nightfrontback
November 1Solidfrontback
November 7April Club 2front
November 8Genulabfront
November 8Jungle Technologyfront
November 8A Shiraz Partyfrontback
November 14Deep Climaxfront
November 14MI-313 Flight 1front
November 15Muted Styles 2.3Bfrontback
November 21Deutsche Clubfront
November 28United Dancefront
November 29Rush Hourfront
November 29A TIP Records Partyfront
December 5A Disko-B Records Nightfrontback
December 5April Club 3front
December 6Interplanetary Vibrationsfrontback
December 6A Dragonfly Records Label Nightfrontback
December 6Point Blank 001front
December 12Heaven and Earthfront
December 12MI-313 Flight 2front
December 13A Blue Room Records Partyfrontback
December 19Drum 'n' Bass in Motionfront
December 20Genulabfront
December 20Muted Styles 3.3JDfrontback
December 28Soupfront
December 31Mantra: New Years Eve partyfront
December 31Matrixfrontback

Techno in Copenhagen storm@cphtechno.dk