TiC: Flyers: 1996  
January 27Venue Space Night 2frontback
February 9Deep Chromefrontback
February 24Legohousefrontback
March 22 - April 26Updatefrontback
March 30Update: Multiplex Nightfront
March 31Update: Chill-outfront
April 27Paradise Clubfront
May 2Ambient Performancefrontback
May 3Focal Spiritfrontback
May 15Get Lost 1frontback
May 25Elektronischer Festfront
May 25-26Experiencesfront
June 1Renaissance 1frontback
June 8Jungle Feverfrontback
June 14Sound/Galleryfront
July 6Hush Hush Clubfront
July 13Get Lost 2frontback
July 20Experiencesfront
July 20Bar Utopiafrontback
July 26-27SunSplashfrontback
August 3Tripping on Sunshine 3front
August 3Tripping on Sunshine 3 Afterpartyfront
August 10Organicfrontback
August 17Trianglefront
August 30 - September 1Container '96front
August 30Galacticfront
August 31Get Lost 3frontback
September 14Club4Wildfront
September 20Cocoonfront
September 21The Agencyfrontback
October 5Angstfront
October 12Jungle Feverfrontback
October 12Bom Ticfrontback
October 19A Cloak & Dagger Records Nightfrontback
October 19Tiger Trippingfront
November 1Spirit of Goafrontback
November 8Jungle Feverfrontback
November 9Revival Nightfrontback
November 16Encounterfrontback
November 23World of Illusionsfront
November 30The 2nd Renaissancefrontback
November 30Invasion of the Bass Snatchersfront
December 7Hjemme Hosfront
December 7A Warp Records Nightfrontback
December 13Tuborg Showcasefront
December 14Neurotic Technofront
December 21Sixty-Ninefrontback
December 27Klub Vegafront
December 31Interfusefrontback

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