TiC: Venues: Studiestræde 3  
This is a lovely small-ish venue located in the basement of a building right in the middle of central Cph. I'm not sure what the purpose is of these rooms, but they seem to have been used for something rather special since the walls, floor and ceiling are decorated with beautiful black marble. A nice side-effect of the marble is that the floor becomes very slippy and easy to dance on after a few hours of partying. The main room is shaped like an "L", which makes it possible to arrange the scene/dj booth in a number of ways. Various kinds of parties are taking place there; both jungle, goa, hardcore and minimal beats have filled the rooms, and the parties always seem to be very successful, so make sure you're early if you want to get in - the capacity is just about 100 people.
Studiestræde 3
1455 Cph K

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