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Even though techno has made its way into this place as well, Stengade 30 is primarely a rock club. This means that people who come there are a bit different from what we're used to at the raves and the techno clubs, but despite this, Stengade 30 has turned out to be one of those venues which have had great success with their techno nights.

They have 2 different regular events. The first is their weekly club on Thursdays (simply called Techno Thursday), which presents a steady flow of great local dj's. The second is the April Club series of events, which take place once a month. "April" is referring to the record label April Records, which obviously is playing a role in the making of these nights.

Prices are definitely on a reasonable level, and the atmosphere is generally okay, but the whole thing is a bit different from most other clubs. Capacity is about 200.

Stengade 30
2200 Cph N
phone 35 36 09 38
fax 31 39 09 20
http://www.subcity.dk/sgmain.htm [in Danish]
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