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Cafe Rust started off late 1988 as HQ for the "Next Stop Soviet"-campaign (hence the name Rust, after Mathias Rust, who had the nerve to land a private plane on Moscow's Red Square in 1987). In 1992, Rust became a combined bar and restaurant with live rock music, and the place has grown in popularity ever since.

A new initiative was taken in early 1998, where Club Lust started. Club Lust is a club on Wednesdays which is dedicated to electronic music, and it has presented quite a few excellent dj's and artists since then. Capacity: approximately half the number of people let in on a Saturday night.

Guldbergsgade 8
2200 Cph N
phone 35 24 52 00
fax 35 24 52 09
http://www.rust.dk/ [in Danish]
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