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Blue Note and its upstairs neighbour GeO2 used to be two gay techno/house clubs with very liberal attituds toward straight people, but after being shut down by the authorities in the summer of 1997 (allegedly because of an extensive flow of drugs), the venue opened again some months later as just one club with two dancefloors. Initially, the new Blue Note was a morning club which opened its doors at 5 in the morning, but it seems as if the owners have gotten themselves a regular license, since Blue Note has opened at more normal hours a few times lately.

It's not a gay club any more, but the music is more or less the same as it was back then: trance and goa kind of techno that isn't particularly innovative, but simply good to dance to. The club is usually open well into Saturday/Sunday day. Expect tight security throughout the club and a capacity around 300.

Studiestræde 31
1455 Cph K
phone 33 13 08 06

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